Anonymous asked: what was the most significant relationship you've had, excluding the one you are in now?

it’s hard to exclude the one i’m in because it is the most significant by far. it is the most serious, the most mature, and the healthiest one i’ve ever been in. but to answer your question correctly, i suppose the one i was in in high school would take the cake. it was the most significant in terms of how much of an impact it had on who i am now.

Anonymous asked: how do you deal with heartbreak?

fun questions on a wednesday night, haha. as of now i haven’t dealt with it in 3 years and before that it was 2 years(?) i think, and both times i did not deal with it well. i couldn’t tell you how i would deal with it if my current relationship ended. each time it’s different, some more significant with others. the one thing i can say, that i have experienced is that you’ll find someone again. it might be the same person or a completely different one, but you will, and i think thats the most encouraging thing to know.