everyone who likes coconut water is lying

Anonymous asked: it seems like you go back and forth between your ex, some posts you make seem amicable and some seem to be really, really hateful, do you still have feelings for him even though you seem to be happy in your current relationship?

I could see how this is confusing. The two different types of posts are directed at two different people. Surprise, surprise, I have more than one ex. The one that seems amicable is about and ex I am still amicable with. I rarely talk to him, probably just once a year when I wish him happy birthday or something. The other, thats for the first and the worst ex who I have no feels but of hate and resentment towards. He is the reason I am who I am today, and realistically, I am grateful, but he also made me into someone I hated and because I hate who I was I hate who he is. So no I have no feelings for him in the way that I think you’re asking. I am very happy with Smarty Pants and none of this changes that.

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