Oh so you’re an artist.

I have never really considered myself an artist. I have considered what I do art a lot of the time, but never took on the title of artist. It has always had this kinda pretentious way of sounding whenever someone says they are one, like just because they see the world differently it makes them superior. And now that I’m going to go to art school, which don’t get me wrong I’m stoked about, people say this phrase to me “Oh so you’re an artist,” and it sounds just so condescending. Or I get the “Oh, you’re going to art school, that explains your hair.” Don’t get me wrong, if you’re an artist that’s rad and I am all on board because I am one too, I just am struggling to get used to calling myself an artist. Anyway, this was a useless rant that I typed while on the clock at work so there you go. That’s my day.