Today I had my first real photo class at art school and it was incredibly terrifying. I am so completely out of my element. I have shot analog before and I am very fond of it, but I also understand that it is a dying medium, so it has never been a priority for me to master. My first project is due in a week and I have to use this mural enlarger that I have never seen in my life and process in color. I have never processed in color before. I also have to make a print that is bigger than 24x22 and then transform it into some sort of installment with mixed media and I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LEARN HOW TO PROCESS IN COLOR AND MAKE A GIANT PRINT AND MAKE AN INSTALLMENT IN A WEEK?!?!? I know this is art school and I know this is what I signed up for, but holy shit am I terrified. Anyway, this has been a useless rant and I shall go do my homework like a good art student haha